Video Inspection and Reports

MDS has the experience and equipment to meet your inspection needs. MDS has performed inspection services for various projects including: Dams, Reservoirs, Bridges, Docks, Gas and oil pipelines, Water intake structures, Water intake pipelines, Waste water reservoirs and outfalls, Potable water treatment plants and reservoirs, Power plants, Vessels, different types of gates, valves, stems and guides. We work in coastal, offshore and inland environments. 

MDS owns a variety of inspection equipment that we can use to internally inspect pipelines in the wet or dry. Pipelines as small as 2-inches in diameter, and up to 200-feet long can be inspected with our push camera, which is self-leveling, self-lit and offers full color, pan, tilt and digital zoom functions, and can negotiate 90° bends, T"s and laterals in complicated piping systems. 
Conduits of 6-inch and larger diameter can be inspected with our crawler or submersible ROV. Our tether lengths permit remote inspections up to 1,650-feet. MDS personnel also have the training to perform manned entry into conduits and structures for inspection and can do so with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) or surface supplied air. 

Inspections can be video recorded and reports generated documenting the
results observed during the inspection. Contact MDS today to discuss how we
can help you meet your inspection needs.