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Bulkhead Placement and Conduit Repairs - Abiquiu Dam, NM

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Albuquerque District (“USACE”) created this contract to make routine maintenance repairs to the conduits at Abiquiu Dam and Lake Project during the winter months (November 15th, 2023 to February 28th, 2024), outside of the irrigation season. The contract involves debris removal within submerged bulkhead slots and immediate upstream area, placement of bulkheads, constructing flow diversion and environmental controls, removal of corrosion or other surface contaminants on steel liner/emergency gates/service gates, application of new coating system, and metals repairs. The conduit is a permit-required confined space while work is performed so MDS provided a stand-by rescue crew during the blasting and coating procedures and complied with USACE lockout/tagout procedures per the contract. The inlet structure was fully submerged so MDS dive team cleared the slots before the 12,000lb and 13,500lb bulkhead placements to ensure proper seating. The contract also involved providing and operating a hydraulic pump with flexible hosing and connections that adapt to the existing sluicing gates and maintain operation from the surface. MDS created a coffer dam diversion upstream of the emergency gates that directs 50cfs flows to the opposite side of work being performed and created a dry work environment for the side where work was performed for a dry work environment that was humidity controlled. Due to impacts to the Rio Chama and downstream water users, complete dam closures were limited to ensure project timelines.