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Town of Red Cliff, Colorado Water Tank Insulation Replacement and Upgrades

October 2014

Project Description: Marine Diving Solutions provided fabrication, installation, and removal services for a 250KG water tank from the 1960's.

Services included:
  • Fabrication and installation of a ladder on the exterior of the water tank with a wire rope safety fall arrest systems
  • Removal of failing foam
  • Installation of Foamglass foam insulation
  • Raising roof panels back into place that had failed due to severe snow fall
  • Installation of custom supports for reinforcing roof panels
  • Installation of a 3' wide X 15' long platform / catwalk on top of the tank
  • Removal and replacement of existing vent with a new 24' frost proof vent with extended neck for severe winter months
  • Installation of aluminum jacketing to protect Foamglass foam insulation
  • Cleaning and inspection to the interior of the water tank