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Repair Hydraulic Cylinders and Position Indicators at Colebrook River Lake, Connecticut for the USACE - January 2020

Project Summary: Marine Diving Solutions provided the removal of 6 hydraulic cylinders, repairs, and re-installation for the USACE. Additional services included oil testing and filtration.

Services Included:

• ROV inspection underwater

• Bulkhead installation and removal

• Removal and reinstallation of six flanged gate cylinders

- 200’ vertical lift from gate chamber to bridge deck.

- Required to be disassembled prior to lifting.

- 26.5” OD cylinder barrel, 113” long, appx. 5000 lbs each

- 15’4” long, 5’OD cylinder ram, appx. 1000 lbs each

- All pipe barrels and cylinder rams had to be rotated from vertical to horizontal after lifting, for removal

• Oil filtration and testing

• Working in suspended and fall restriction area

• Modifications including fabrication and welding to the hydraulic operating system piping. Approximately 100’ of 1.25” Sched 80 pipe.