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Bear Canyon Dam Gate Replacement- 2021

After initially inspecting the dam, Marine Diving Solutions worked with a structural engineering firm (SM&RC) to formulate and carry out plan for the construction of a conduit bulkhead within approximately 5' of the dam gate to provide a secondary way to contain the water during gate replacement. Marine Diving Solutions demolished the current gate house building on the crest of the dam, injected a chemical grout to minimize leakage in rock pocket of outlet pipe approximately 5' downstream of gate. An 18" diameter pipe was moved into the outlet pipe and centralized so a form could be built for the concrete bulkhead. Concrete was pumped from outside of the conduit into the form. After concrete was solid, the forms were removed so a hinged blind flange could be installed on the downstream side of the 18"pipe. Sediment on the floor in front of the gate was removed and the slide gate, stem, stem guides and operator were removed. A new hole was cored for new gate and new steel plate/wall thimble were installed. The concrete floor was raised from new wall thimble to 2' upstream from new plate by 2' for a leak free seal. A concrete lip was also poured. New gate, stem, stem guides and operator were installed on the dam with fencing. The blind flange was unbolted in open position and any voids or holes were dry packed.