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Hoover Dam Intake Tower- 2022

Hoover Dam is a 5-year Indefinite Quantity type contract that involves fabrication of new gate stem assemblies for a Delivery Order each year, and the construction work of the Task Order involves the replacement of the materials fabricated. The goal of this project is to replace the gate stem assemblies of up to 4 of the intake towers with corrosion -resistant stem assemblies one intake tower per year with the second year being skipped and the final construction planned to end the fiscal year of 2026. Marine Diving Solutions LLC contracted with Quabbin Inc. for the fabrication of the custom gate stem assemblies while MDS is performing the removal and installations. This project involves confined space work including, Lock out/tag out procedures, and special work permits. Project involves the team to safely work from suspended baskets 330' in the towers and replace approximately 1,200' of stem for each tower along with other brackets, hardware, and operator rehabilitation.